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Liang W, Guan W, Chen R, Wang W, Li J, Xu K, Li C, Ai Q, Lu W, Liang H, Li S, He J
An ongoing outbreak of pneumonia associated with 2019 novel coronavirus was reported in China. It is unclear whether the virus is infective exists during the incubation period, although person-to-person transmission has been reported elsewhere. We report the epidemiological features of a familial cluster of 4 patients in Shanghai, including an 88-year-old man with limited mobility who was exposed only to asymptomatic family members whose symptoms developed later. The epidemiological evidence has shown possible transmission of 2019 novel coronavirus during the incubation period.
The Lancet. Oncology (IF: 33.752 / Quartile: 1)
WOS Cites: 1431
SemanticScholar Cites: 2064
SemanticScholar Citation Velocity: 575
SemanticScholar Influential Citation Count: 121
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